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Loop Evotec Cast Series

Loop Evotec Cast Series

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By introducing the new range of CAST fly rods we are delighted to offer our innovative and unique concept of three separate blank actions in one-rod series. The essence of CAST (Color, Action, Sequence, Tempo) is flexibility in color-coded rod actions for any given fly fishing environment.

The series maximizes the benefits of the full to mid curve actions favored in today’s fly fishing, but in three distinct flex tempos. Whether it’s small creek brownies or swinging heavy flies deep for Atlantic salmon, the CAST range offers high-performance fly rods in Medium, Medium Fast and Fast actions to complement not only your casting style but also your chosen discipline of fly fishing.

Irrespective of your favored action, the performance of these rods is unrivaled and offers outstanding value for the money in their class. The CAST series utilizes our very latest DCT (Dynamic Core Technology). This unique technology is achieved during blank construction by building directional carbon fiber in a specific inter-layering sequence. Each carbon layer is designed to work in unison with the rod’s flex plane by adding integral strength throughout the length of the blank. This has the direct effect of enhancing tip recovery during the casting cycle and also increasing rod durability.

By integrating DCT with industry-leading taper designs, the CAST series not only achieves but surpasses performance expectations in a tasteful and thoughtfully designed color coordinated package. Castability and fishability are the inherent LOOP trademarks that inspired the CAST concept.

We are proud to present these next generation fly rods.

Finished in a stunning pearlised brown, the CAST Medium action rods are ideal for delicate fly presentation and encourages longer power application through the smoothest of full flex rod actions. Each rod in this flex tempo is designed for freshwater fishing and features high-quality AAA-grade cork, our unique and aesthetic triangular reel seat, hard chrome snake guides and ultra performance carbon fiber. These models provide pleasure and performance in equal and delicate measures. From presenting the tiniest of dry flies to rolling out a Spey cast for summer run migratory fish, these Medium rods offer absolute enjoyment with no compromise in performance.

The Medium Fast blank has long since been the very cornerstone of our long history in fly rod design. This classic LOOP action allows for continual power application through the casting stroke, achieving both optimum fly presentation and fish-fighting ability. Presented in pearlized gray, these Medium Fast rods are designed for freshwater fishing and finished using the highest AAA-grade cork, our unique triangular reel seat, hard chrome snake guides and ultra performance carbon fiber. The CAST Medium Fast rods allow you to fish all day with maximum performance and minimum fatigue.

Fast action progressive casting styles mean pushing the limits of performance in modern-day fly fishing. Finished in deep pearlised blue, CAST Fast rods are available in single-handed models for both fresh and saltwater fishing and double-handed models for the pursuit of anadromous fish. Each model benefits from AAA-grade cork, titanium stripping guides, hard chrome snake rings and our aesthetic triangular reel seat. Ultra performance carbon fiber and excellent tip recovery are standard. CAST Fast rods deliver flies quickly to the striking zone without compromising on the positive ‘feel’ response that anglers have come to expect from LOOP fly rods. These models will accurately present flies at distance with both power and finesse to an extensive range of species.

+    Blank in aesthetic pearlised deep blue finish

+    High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements

+    Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in bright anodized finish

+    American Tackle Titanium stripping guides and chrome snake guides on

+    Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake guides on double-hand

+    Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections

+    Delivered in matching pentagonal tube and cloth bag

+    Designed and developed in Sweden

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